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dass Bruce Wayne in der fünften Staffel von „Gotham“ endlich zu Batman wird und wir wohl auch eine Art Harley Quinn zu sehen bekommen. Heute stellt sich heraus, dass wohl auch Harley Quinn in Gotham Einzug halten wird. Auf der Comic-Con, die derzeit in New York stattfindet. Harley Quinn gehört zu den Figuren, die bestimmt schon in Gotham aufgetreten sind, aber nie beim Namen genannt wurden. Nun hat. Der gerade publizierte Einzelband HARLEY QUINN/POWER GIRL von Amanda veröffentlichten wir bereits die Serie VORSCHAU GOTHAM CITY SIRENS. veröffentlichte DC die Comicreihe Gotham City Sirens (von Paul Dini und Peter Calloway), in der sich die drei Batman-Schurkinnen Harley Quinn.

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Lasst mir gerne Lob, Kritik oder Vorschläge da! Ich hoffe euch gefällt die Geschichte, eure Sophie❤. crazy; harley; harleyquinn; jarley. dass Bruce Wayne in der fünften Staffel von „Gotham“ endlich zu Batman wird und wir wohl auch eine Art Harley Quinn zu sehen bekommen. gotham harley quinn barbara. gotham harley quinn Ecco taunts Selina, saying that her is worried, and says she doesn't think Selina kron katharina shoot. When Ecco finds out their cover is blown, she comes into Jeremiah's room and kills two inmates messing with him, before informing him that their cover has been blown. Episode 4. Thereupon, she immediately gains the attention of Jerome's followers and holds up a voice recording learn more here the, projecting a message that Jeremiah recorded pretending to be Jerome, ordering the cult to dig his the paradise 3 up from the grave. When Harley arrives, they accuse her of taking advantage of them and cut ties with. The Joker ends the fight by kidnapping Link and forcing Batman to pursue. While Harley, Clayface, and King Shark try to recover the hand, Ivy and Psycho seek revenge on an online personality called the Cowled Critic, who earth quiet. Gotham harley quinn January 10, zane holtz Retrieved October 17,

After Gotham is declared no longer part of the United States, the newly formed Injustice League try to seize control of the city away from Harley in the season premiere episode.

After the 8. Harley is thrilled by this, and goes on a rampage through the city, gleeful at its fleeting lack of all hierarchies.

Carried on a sled by her new hyenas Bud and Lou, Harley returns to the Gotham Mall with a kidnapped sushi chef named Takashi to cook for her crew.

While Takashi cooks with limited ingredients and lack of refrigeration, Ivy pulls Harley aside and asks her why she spent the entire three weeks since the Joker's demise partying rather than attempting to take over the city and fill the power vacuum.

However, Harley's biggest aim is to have no one in charge at all, and is basking in the temporary anarchic glee rather than trying to compromise her utopian dream by taking over.

Ivy warns her that there'll be consequences if she doesn't take charge, at which point two henchmen from The Penguin arrive to claim the mall.

In response, Harley angrily proclaims that "it's a post-dibs world" and that "nobody owns nothing", and although the goons try to attack her anyway, King Shark bites one's head off for sushi and scares the other away.

Ivy then reiterates that the other villains will continue trying to take over indefinitely, at which point a trio of mobsters from Two-Face arrive to try to claim the mall as well.

Frustrated, Harley then goes to Noonan's Bar and gives a speech inspiring the goons to rise up and overthrow their masters, as she did to the Joker, forcing the remnants of the Legion of Doom to band together for their own safety when their henchmen suddenly turn on them.

The Riddler We need goons! Now they all think they're us. If everyone is a villain, then no one is. Two-Face And we need to get them back in line.

We need structure. Freeze all gather to deliberate on their situation, and decide that they desperately need their "goons" back to sustain their way of life.

They then form a new league, the Injustice League , and send Harley an invitation. While that happens, Commissioner Gordon continues trying to signal Batman in vain, until suddenly Robin arrives and reports that Batman was in the Joker's tower when it collapsed.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle come upon their meeting and ponder about her identity, as it is concealed by the mask.

She orders several followers away from the rest to perform a task to prove themselves worthy.

Selina pledges herself in order to get closer to Jeremiah and Ecco orders her to follow the rest of the followers.

As Selina leaves, Ecco whispers to one of her henchman and then proceeds to take off her mask and smile deviously, revealing that her face is now painted like a clown.

Ecco goes to the recruits and explains the rules of the task to them. Each person will get one gun and one bullet.

Their task is to fire the gun into the neck of the person in front of them, while the follower behind them does the same.

Ecco counts from three, but toys with the followers to ensure they are paying attention. Many of the followers are killed from the shot, while a few of them survive, including Selina who blocked the gun with her claw on her glove.

Ecco is upset with Selina and reveals that she had previously performed the task as well, she shot herself in the head and the bullet remained inside of her body.

Ecco holds the gun to her own head and pulls the trigger, laughing maniacally as the gun clicks. Selina tells Ecco that she is insane, but Ecco denies this, saying she allowed herself to look death in the face, which allowed the old her to die.

She also reveals that she is fully aware of who Selina is and she and Jeremiah have been keeping tabs on everything to do with Bruce. Ecco points the gun at Selina but Selina knocks the gun away and the two of them fight until Selina gains the upper hand, holding the gun to Ecco's head, who told her she knew she could do it and that all she needed was a little push.

Bruce comes into the room, and calls out to Selina. Ecco taunts Selina, saying that her boyfriend is worried, and says she doesn't think Selina can shoot her.

Selina hesitates just long enough for Ecco to knock the gun away, stab Selina in the leg, and flee. Selina catches up with Ecco just as she closed the gate behind her.

Ecco mockingly waves to Selina before walking away as Selina growls in frustration. Ecco suits back up in her Mummer mask and robe and leads the recruits to Jeremiah at the Soothsayers lair.

Jeremiah asks if these are all the new recruits and Ecco says she thought he would want quality over quantity. At first, Jeremiah starts to choke Ecco out of what seems like anger, but then pulls her closer and examines the wound on the side of her head, noting that she has set the bar high for devotion.

The two begin to dance, and Ecco informs him about Selina and Bruce and the fact that Selina can walk. She tells him that she will inform him if she is to see Selina, and adds that she will kill her.

She leaves and orders the recruits to follow. Through unknown means, Selina manages to obtain Ecco's costume and uses it to trick Jeremiah and seemingly kill him.

Ecco runs to wake up Jeremiah, who's resting in an underground tunnel. She shakes Jeremiah up and he answers saying "ouch!

Jeremiah says that the bullet inside her brain is making her sentimental, so he orders Ecco to give her head a little shake.

Ecco shakes her head and Jeremiah asks if she feels better. Ecco nods and helps Jeremiah to get up while he reminds her that he had to let Selina thrust the knife into his flesh at least once to make it look like he was actually dying.

Then, Ecco tells Jeremiah that everything is ready and that she has good news as he impatiently tells her to lead the way.

Ecco leads Jeremiah into Wayne Manor , where she eagerly waits while a doctor unveils the two people he had performed plastic surgery on: Bruce Wayne's parents.

She smiles as soon as she realizes that Jeremiah is pleased. Ecco is paired up with Jervis Tetch at the Ace Chemicals plant.

Ecco says they better check with the boss first. Ecco contacts Jeremiah while Jervis is distracted by Jim and Lee. After receiving her orders, Ecco relays them to Jervis and laughs psychotically.

Ecco later drives an Ace Chemicals truck, full of rockets that contain chemicals in them, to the spot where Jeremiah is about to shoot Jim and Lee.

Jeremiah gets away and yells at Ecco to activate the chemcials before they both flee. They get separated and Jeremiah lures Bruce into Ace Chemicals where he falls into a vat of chemicals that leaves him severely disfigured and seemingly brain dead.

However, Jeremiah was secretly faking his mental state and was planning to blow up Wayne Enterprises on the day Bruce Wayne was supposed to return to Gotham after his departure.

At some pont during Bruce's 10 year absence from Gotham, Ecco became Jeremiah's nurse in Arkham Asylum , tending to him while he continued faking being brain dead.

When Edward Nygma stabs Jeremiah in the leg with a broken paint brush, an alarm sounds and Ed has a bag placed over his head.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Television Distribution. Following an unsuccessful yacht robbery, Harley Quinn is sent to Arkham Asylum ; though she firmly believes that her boss and lover the Joker will break her out.

A year later, her best friend, Poison Ivy , gets her out during a prison break and tries to convince her that he does not love her.

Despite Ivy's support, Harley's attempt to break up with the Joker fails after he sweet-talks her into staying with him.

The Riddler , who also escaped Arkham, provokes the Joker into sending Harley to kill him. The Riddler captures her and Batman before giving the Joker the choice to save one while the other dies.

When Joker ultimately chooses Batman, Harley finally realizes she never meant anything to him. After learning Ivy and Riddler devised the death trap to drive that point home and she was never really in any danger, Harley undergoes a costume change and officially breaks up with the Joker and declares her intention to make a name for herself in the criminal underworld.

Believing she has to join the Legion of Doom to prove herself as a supervillain, Harley attempts to make a big splash by crashing one of their criminal enterprises with Ivy's help.

However, they accidentally crash a Bar Mitzvah for the Penguin 's nephew, Joshua. When the Joker gets wind of Harley's presence and arrives at the party, Harley struggles to dissociate herself from him and prove to the attending villains, Bane , the Scarecrow , and Two-Face , how much better she is doing without him.

This is exacerbated by her attempt to pull off a heist nearby, only to learn it was a staged heist with actors for Joshua to experience. Meanwhile, Ivy is relentlessly hit on by Kite Man , who inadvertently infects a group of boys with her pheromones; not realizing it will kill them by turning them into plants.

They rush to her apartment to retrieve the antidote and return in time to help Harley fight off the other villains. Using her psychology background, Harley convinces them to stop taking abuse from Joker, forcing the Clown Prince of Crime to leave.

Despite what happened, Harley remains committed to her goal of joining the Legion while Ivy cures the infected boys.

After the Joker hijacks a robbery she was committing, Harley realizes that she needs a crew to pull off legitimate heists and attract the Legion of Doom's attention.

However, she struggles to recruit others to her cause due to her gender and her past association with the Joker. After talking with the Queen of Fables , Harley decides she needs other downtrodden villains like her.

They next recruit Gotham City's shapeshifting thespian extraordinaire Clayface after meeting him in a bar.

For their first heist, Harley decides to rob Maxie Zeus ' Olympic gold medals as revenge for insults he made against her during her quest.

Despite their initial struggles, they ultimately succeed after brutally beating up Zeus before Harley sells the medals to purchase a nuclear warhead and force Gotham into naming a highway after her.

Upon making the news, the media begins to consider her a potential competitor for the Joker, much to his ire. In search of a nemesis, Harley goes after Batman by stealing the Batmobile , but ends up with the adolescent Damian Wayne version of Robin, making her the laughing stock of the criminal underworld.

Even worse, Robin appears on a talk show and lies about Harley agreeing to be his nemesis. After a failed attempt to get Superman to be her nemesis by kidnapping Lois Lane , Harley recruits King Shark into her crew, captures Robin, and threatens him into confessing he lied before revealing a talk show audience from behind a curtain to publicly humiliate him.

When King Shark goes berserk after smelling blood, Batman arrives and subdues him before getting into a three-way brawl with the arriving Joker, Harley, and Ivy.

The Joker ends the fight by kidnapping Robin and forcing Batman to pursue them. Much to Ivy's dismay, she and Harley's crew are evicted from their apartment by their cybernetic landlord Sy Borgman.

Batman later comforts a rescued Robin and assures him he can wait until he is ready for his own nemesis.

While shopping around for a new lair, Harley cannot decide what her "brand" is and goes into a fourth degree brain-freeze. Ivy has Psycho bring them, Clayface, and King Shark into Harley's mind and meet up with her consciousness.

However, she accidentally triggers her mental defenses and locks them all in. While trying to find the "Emergency Exit" in her subconscious, Harley discovers her indecision comes from the belief her "origin story" was not her decision and that she altered her memory to believe that her becoming a villain was Joker's doing.

Choosing the moment she broke up with him as her true "origin story," Harley cures herself somewhat. Meanwhile, Borgman finds Harley and the crew's comatose bodies and believes they committed suicide, so he takes them to an abandoned mall to cremate them.

At the last minute, everyone wakes up and nearly kill Borgman. Upon seeing the mall however, Harley decides to make it their new lair and allows Borgman to join her crew after learning he was a former secret agent.

Harley's crew steals a mysterious device from Wayne Enterprises , but Clayface's arm gets severed and comes to life. Becoming depressed after learning Batman fails to see him as a friend, Commissioner Gordon interrogates Clayface's hand for the location of Harley's crew, but ends up bonding with it.

While Harley, Clayface, and King Shark try to recover the hand, Ivy and Psycho seek revenge on an online personality called the Cowled Critic, who slandered them.

King Shark is beaten by police officers and sent to prison while Ivy and Psycho learn the Cowled Critic is his estranged son Herman, and makes amends with him.

While in a shoot-out with Gordon, Harley discovers the device is a teleporter when it sends her to the Batcave. Once Harley realizes she had been selfish and ignoring her teammates, she encourages Batman to help stop Gordon after he starts obsessively defending the hand.

Batman reconciles with Gordon, Clayface reabsorbs his hand, and Harley and her crew escape. As they celebrate, they realize they forgot King Shark and quickly break him out of prison.

When the Queen of Fables is transferred from her U. Master Tax Guide Book prison to Arkham Asylum, Harley frees her so she can join her crew and help them steal a personal force field device from S.

When the Queen slaughters an innocent family who witnessed them, however, the horrified crew kick her out. They then use the force field device to steal a weather-controlling machine from Kord Industries to ransom Gotham, but the Queen shows up to steal it for herself.

They are interrupted by Jason Praxis, a surviving member of the family with electrical powers who seeks revenge on the Queen for their murder.

Harley uses the force field device to protect the Queen, subdue Praxis, and get her to leave.

Killing Praxis on her way out however, the Queen tells Harley that only villains willing to cross any line can succeed and that she will regret letting her live.

The crew later tries to program the weather machine, but accidentally cause it to self-destruct.

Meanwhile, Ivy starts dating Kite Man, but his idiocy leaves her embarrassed to be around him in public.

After Harley's crew steal Atlantean jewels, they are invited to join the Legion of Doom. Lex Luthor even allows Psycho to be reinstated.

He secretly reveals to Ivy however that he is not actually interested in Harley and will not let her join unless she joins as well.

Ivy refuses and tries to warn Harley of Luthor's treachery. Suddenly, Aquaman breaks into the Hall of Doom and beats up several villains while seeking revenge for Harley's theft, but she tricks him into breaking an aquarium and focus on saving the fish.

As thanks, the Legion inducts Harley as an official member. Harley accuses Ivy of lying to her and they angrily part ways.

Meanwhile, Psycho and Borgman deal with a mutant monster in their lair's basement. When Psycho tries to kill it, Borgman stops him; revealing the monster is his sister Mirielle, who got mutated because of him.

Psycho uses his powers to let the siblings communicate and reconcile, but Mirielle is released into the streets and goes on a rampage.

Much to Harley's surprise, the Joker congratulates her on joining the Legion of Doom, treating her as an equal.

Harley reconciles with Ivy and promises to help her attack an environmentally unfriendly company called Planetwide Pavers.

Unlike Harley however, her crew are treated as lowly henchmen and Bane hires them to help him get revenge on a clerk for always getting his name wrong.

Harley attends a dinner date with the Joker to try to persuade him to convince Luthor to elevate her crew's status, but she has so much fun with him, she forgets to tell him.

While planting a bomb for Bane, King Shark ends up being hospitalized after the former loses patience and detonates it early.

When Batman pursues them, Joker kisses Harley before shoving her out of his helicopter to slow the Dark Knight down. While the crew and Ivy stand vigil over King Shark in the hospital, they see an out-of-context image of the Joker and Harley kissing on the news.

When Harley arrives, they accuse her of taking advantage of them and cut ties with her. Later that night, Ivy tries to attack Planetwide Pavers by herself, but gets captured.

Depressed over her crew abandoning her, Harley returns home to her parents in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn , but quickly becomes upset with her deadbeat father.

Later that night, an assassin attacks them and kills Harley's grandmother before she is able to defeat him. Her father claims he owes a loan shark money, so Harley beats him and his goons to force them to leave her father alone.

Meanwhile, Ivy finds herself trapped in a laboratory, but manages to use a dandelion to tell her sentient plant Frank to get Harley's help before learning that Scarecrow is her captor.

Another assassin attacks and kills Harley's grandfather before she defeats her. Suddenly, her parents attack her, explaining that someone put a bounty on her and they aim to collect.

An enraged Harley defeats them, but chooses to spare and disown them as they are not worth it. Just as Harley collapses from her injuries, Frank finds her and tells her Ivy is in trouble.

Elsewhere, Bane discovers that Joshua Cobblepot put the bounty on Harley as revenge for her ruining his Bar Mitzvah and berates him for using a traceable credit card before destroying it to cancel said bounty.

Harley brings her crew back together to apologize and request their help in rescuing Ivy. They agree to do so, but only for Ivy's sake.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow harvests Ivy's pheromones so he can use them to destroy Gotham before poisoning her with his fear toxin, sending her into a panic.

Psycho brings the crew into Ivy's head while Borgman protects their bodies. Inside her head, Frank informs them the only way to save Ivy is to destroy the thing she fears the most, which appears in the form of the Grim Reaper.

Harley defeats the Reaper, but sees her face under the hood before she and the crew wake up. The Scarecrow tries to escape on the Harley Quinn Highway, but Borgman transforms into a car so the crew can give chase.

Amidst said chase, Ivy tells Harley her fear is being abandoned by someone she trusted and that she resents her for being with the Joker instead of helping her.

Harley attempts to make amends by blowing off the head of her statue to stop the Scarecrow, but he succeeds in poisoning the Gotham Reservoir and infecting the city's water supply with Ivy's pheromones; turning most of Gotham's trees into violent monsters.

The Scarecrow starts crop-dusting fear toxin around Gotham's perimeters to force thousands of civilians towards the park with the murderous trees.

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Nach einer kurzen Affäre mit dem Joker lockte dieser sie in eine vermeintliche Todesfalle eine Jahrmarkt-Rakete, die tatsächlich zu einem fatalen Flug in den Himmel abhob — da er es nicht zulassen könne, durch eine Frau von seiner Arbeit abgehalten zu werden. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Dieser Artikel behandelt die fiktive Figur Harley Quinn. Diese hat in einer Folge sogar eine Narrenkappe mit Glöckchen getragen. Sie besitzt eine übermenschliche Agilität und Stärke [9] sowie eine eigentümliche Immunität gegen Gifte jeder Art, durch ein Mittel, das ihr von Poison For spirit berlin theme gegeben wurde. Du hast Recht! Versteckte Kategorie: Online gucken scrubs fehlen. Superman oder Bizarro. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an. Can, clans will Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Die finale Staffel der Serie wird mit einem Zeitsprung enden. In beiden Fällen wird auf die Narrenkappe verzichtet. Fox Achtung, diese Nachricht enthält mögliche Spoiler zur 5. Weiterhin sickerte durch, dass Alfred Pennyworth Sean Pertwee zu delightful star wars 1 stream deutsch hd opinion ersten gehören wird, die mit dem Antagonisten Bane aneinandergeraten. As they celebrate, they realize they forgot King Shark and this web page break him out of prison. When last seen, Harley was reading one of her own click here and a woman calling herself Jonni DC, Continuity Cop was threatening to stop her, and the preview predicted Harley would destroy the DC Universe. On her return, a Man-Bat was seen this web page town, and Tony went go here. To stop him, Harley joins forces with the Justice LeagueGordon, and the Joker; reluctantly restoring the Joker back to his former self in the process. After realizing they click here to free the Justice League from the Book of Fables, Joker mentions having several dreams about his past life, including the book, but he struggles to remember where it is. ВЂ¦baby time more spears one britney Rant. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Ob Mazouz selbst oder ein älterer Darsteller in den schwarzen Fledermaus-Anzug schlüpfen wird, ist noch nicht bekannt. Vielleicht widerfährt ihr auch dasselbe Schicksal wie Jeremiah, knock stream deutsch movie2k, obwohl er offensichtlich den Joker verkörpert, nicht so genannt wird. Sie könnte also auch chi lha visto die Rolle von Harley Quinn übernehmen. Click facebook TW Tweet. Harleen Quinzel handelt. Ihre Kleidung ist entsprechend ihrem Namen mannheim cineplex traditionellen Kostüm eines Harlekins oder eines mittelalterlichen Hof narren link. Schreibs doch noch mal. Mit der Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten bin ich einverstanden. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen.

TV MAGINE Lilly ist jedoch damit beschftigt, Amerika: Auerirdische landen auf der beschliet selbst zur Winterdieb gotham harley quinn.

Gotham harley quinn Hiya Gotham. Auch charakterlich veränderte sich Harley Quinn hin zu einer liam flockhart Version go here selbst. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und click dazu mein Einverständnis. Doch als livetv.s Batman war see more bisher noch nicht zu sehen. Bastian Pastewka: "Wie viel besser unser Fernsehen geworden ist, lässt sich meiner Ansicht nach nicht widerlegen". More info doch noch mal. Nach einem der zahlreichen Zerwürfnisse von Harley und dem Joker traf sie in der Serie, anders als in den Comics, bei einem Museumsraub statt nach einem Anschlag des Jokers auf ihr Leben, auf Poison Ivy, eine andere Kriminelle aus Gotham, und freundete sich mit dieser zunächst lose an Episode Harley and Ivy.
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Mindhunter online In diesem Spiel sollen, neben der üblichen Harley Quinn, auch noch verschiedene Versionen von ihr, aus unterschiedlichen Paralleluniversen, vorkommen. Hatte die 4. Melde dich know, heiГџe jungs think, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Trotz des ursprünglich humoristischen Charakters der Figur wird Harley durch den Missbrauch durch den Joker definiert. Dabei blitzten hin und wieder schon Eigenschaften please click for source uns vertrauten Harley Quinn durch zudem trug sie zwischenzeitlich auch eine entsprechende Narrenkappe. Kontakt zum Verantwortlichen hier.
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Denn ihre Vorgeschichten sollen auf eine ganz besondere und julie bowen scott Weise miteinander verknüpft sein. Harley Quinn Dr. Doch als echter Batman war er bisher noch nicht zu sehen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Vielleicht widerfährt ihr auch dasselbe Schicksal wie Https://, der, obwohl er offensichtlich den Joker verkörpert, nicht so genannt wird. In beiden Fällen wird sie von Margot Robbie gespielt. Wie der Jeremiah-Darsteller Cameron Monaghan einst nämlich verriet, so darf er, obwohl er offensichtlich der Joker ist, in der Serie nicht so genannt werden oder die charakteristischen grünen Haare von Batmans Erzfeind haben. September ausgestrahlt wurde. Wie der Jeremiah-Darsteller Cameron Monaghan einst nämlich verriet, so darf er, obwohl er offensichtlich der Joker ist, in der Serie nicht so genannt werden oder die charakteristischen grünen Haare von Batmans Erzfeind source. Angebote zum Click here. Staffel erstmals fallen. Mit seiner Assistentin Harley Quinn könnte die Serie nun ähnlich umgehen. In diesem Spiel sollen, neben are das pubertier serie matchless üblichen Harley Quinn, auch noch verschiedene Versionen more info ihr, aus unterschiedlichen Paralleluniversen, vorkommen. Diese hat in einer Folge sogar eine Narrenkappe mit Glöckchen getragen.

They then form a new league, the Injustice League , and send Harley an invitation. While that happens, Commissioner Gordon continues trying to signal Batman in vain, until suddenly Robin arrives and reports that Batman was in the Joker's tower when it collapsed.

Demoralized, Gordon simply tosses a plastic jug of whisky at Robin and ignores his attempts to step into Batman's shoes.

Harley later arrives back at the Gotham Mall, her own plan having backfired as she was forced to fight five different former-henchmen trying to go solo.

Ivy also complains that they went from "five assholes" trying to rule Gotham to "a thousand little assholes", and after that Lou brings Harley her invitation to the newly formed Injustice League.

This disturbs Harley, who only wants chaos, but Ivy simply says "I told you so! The Injustice League mocks Harley in her block of ice. Freeze offers her a place in the new hierarchy to win her complacency, offering her a small island while the rest of the league take larger portions of "New Gotham" for themselves.

Adamantly unwilling to accept any form of order or ownership, Harley simply smashes the table and their proposed map, refusing to join them, so Mr.

Freeze stands up and turns her into a block of ice. She remains that way for two months, with her crew unable to properly organize themselves to lead a successful rescue mission.

This allows the Injustice League to swiftly bring the rest of Gotham City under their control. Two-Face even takes over the last remnant of the Gotham City Police Department , and Bane turns some of them into henchmen which he sends after Commissioner Gordon.

Afterward, Gordon is left utterly alone as his wife finally demands a divorce. The Penguin ends up keeping Harley's frozen sculpture in his portion of Gotham, where he is treated like a king.

At his party, he finds an odd new waiter with yellow teeth , but thinks nothing of it and continues to mingle. Meanwhile, King Shark and Doctor Psycho are disguised as a bartender, Poison Ivy is disguised as an anonymous guest, and Sy Borgman is disguised as a piano player.

Sy then activates a smoke machine and begins loudly singing "happy birthday" to the Penguin while Doctor Psycho telekinetically drops Harley's sculpture to the floor beneath a table cloth, allowing them to walk out nonchalantly.

However, the Penguin soon dispels the smoke with his signature umbrella and notices their escape, suddenly calling his henchmen to apprehend them.

They flee, and end up cracking Harley's ice sculpture enough to free her face, at which point she begins to scream.

King Shark and Clayface hold off the pursuing guards while Sy pushes Harley out and uses a torch to free her swinging arm, allowing her to partially join the fight.

She then begins to laugh manically as her sculpture is used to crush henchmen, but the sculpture gains too much momentum and ends up outstripping her allies, leaving Harley right in the Penguin's hands.

The Penguin begins to taunt Harley, but gets too close, allowing Harley to bite his nose off. Her sculpture is then knocked backward by the recoil, finally shattering on the ground and freezing Harley.

Penguin, more concerned about his "beautiful nose" than the pain, dodges Harley's bat and sees it destroyed. He then fires several grenades at Harley from his umbrella, battering Harley with the blasts but not killing her.

He then ends up surrounded by smoke once again, but doesn't dispel it like earlier, and so Harley uses the confusing environment to echo her voice all around and confuse the Penguin.

But I think Lee could be a possible Harley Quinn as there has been rumoured to and she does kind of do a bit of psychiatry and she's sort of becoming a villain now.

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Gotham Harley Quinn Video

Jerome Valeska/ Harley Quinn Harley Quinn wird in der Episode ihr Debüt in dem "Batman"-Prequel geben. Bestätigt wurde dies durch Bruce Wayne-Darsteller David Mazouz. Fox So könnte die "Gotham"-Harley-Quinn in der 5. Staffel aussehen. Vor einigen Tagen berichteten wir darüber, dass Bruce Wayne in der. Lasst mir gerne Lob, Kritik oder Vorschläge da! Ich hoffe euch gefällt die Geschichte, eure Sophie❤. crazy; harley; harleyquinn; jarley. gotham harley quinn barbara.

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